Connecting to the Mid-State Technical College network while off-campus (VPN – Staff Only)

1. Log into Windows.

2. Connect to the internet (wired or wireless).

3. From your start menu, do a search for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

4. Click on “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”.


5. In the blank drop down box, type “” (as shown below) and click “Connect”.


6. Enter your user ID and network password, and click “OK”.

7. If you are prompted with a security prompt to run the Cisco AnyConnect program, select “yes

VPN will run through a brief security check to verify your laptop meets the requirements to connect to VPN.  A webpage will automatically open and should confirm VPN is connected.

Note:  If you see “Page could not be displayed”, you are still likely connected to VPN.


8. To verify you are connected to VPN:

  • Open File Explorer and double click on one or all of your network drives. You should see a list of files and folders.
  • If you see the files and folders in the network driver, you are connected to the Mid-State Technical College network.


If you are unable to connect to the Mid-State Technical College network, please report the issue and any pertinent error messages to the Help Desk by calling 877.469.6782 (toll-free).

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