Delay Delivery on Your Email

Using delay delivery can help you get your “To Do List” done without adding to someone else’s to do list while they are off of work.


  1. Write your email
  2. Click on the Options tab at the top of the email

(Note: If you are replying to an email inline, you will need to click the pop out to see the options tab)

  1. Choose Delay Delivery

4. Fill out the information indicating when you want it to send. Click Close.


5. Click Send. When you click send, this message will go to your outbox. It will stay there until you open your email on or after the delivery date you have indicated. When you close your            email, a dialogue box will pop up letting you know you have messages in your outbox, you can continue to close, you will not lose those emails.

Note: This only works on the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook; it does not work on the web-based email

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