Easier Access to Files Shared with You Through OneDrive

The Problem: Someone has shared a file with me via OneDrive. To get to the shared file I have to log into the online version of OneDrive and click “Shared with Me”. I have no way to organize the files that are shared with me and I cannot access them from my desktop OneDrive.

The Solution: Create a shortcut link in your own files to go directly to the shared file without having to go out to the cloud and/or the “Shared with Me” link.

Part 1 – Get the Shortcut Link to the File/Folder

  1. Go to your online OneDrive (through your Mid-State Email).
  2. Click on the Shared with Me link on the left navigation menu
  3. Mouse over the file or folder that you want to access from your own OneDrive organizational structure.
  4. Click the checkmark
  5. On the top menu that appears, click Copy Link > Copy


Part 2 – Creating the Shortcut on Your Own Drives

  1. Go to your own OneDrive (or any other drive) on your computer
  2. Right click anywhere in the white space on the drive menu
  3. Choose New
  4. Select Shortcut
  5. Paste the shortcut into the location request
  6. Type a name for the shortcut
  7. Select Finish


Now, you have a link to the shared file in your own file structure so you can easily access the shared files when and where you need them.

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