MyCampus Issues / Clearing Browser Cache

If you are still experiencing either of the errors below, or simply a blank page after providing your credentials, please do the following based on the browser you are using.  Please note for employees only, some people are experiencing a CORS Violation error when trying to access PeopleSoft – CS.  This is a separate issue which we are also addressing with QL and WILM.


If you are receiving the error HTTP Status 404- Error or HTTP Status 403 CAS Service Violation below while trying to log into MyCampus, Please clear your browser temp files. Instructions noted below for each browser.

Internet Explorer:

Click on the  icon (Upper right corner of the browser)

Select “Internet Options”

Under the “General Tab” – Browsing History, Click “Delete”

Check all boxes EXCEPT “Preserve Favorites website data”

Click “Delete”

Click “Apply”, and then “Ok”

Close browser window and then reopen Internet Explorer



Click the  icon (Upper right corner of your browser)

Choose “Options”

Click on “Privacy and Security”

Under “Cookies and Site Data”, click “Clear Data…”

Check both boxes:

Click “Clear Now”:

Close browser and reopen Firefox


Google Chrome:

Click the icon (Upper right corner of the browser)

Click “Settings”

Click “Advanced”

Under “Privacy and security”, click “Clear browsing data”

Check All boxes available

Change the “Time range” to “All time”



Click “Clear Data”

Close the browser, wait a few minutes for Chrome to finish clearing temp files, and reopen Google Chrome


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