Network – Connecting to the MSTC On-Campus Network

Students & Guests

  • SSID (Students/Guests) – Student-Guest and Visitor-Guest
  • Authentication Method: No Authentication, just need to approve terms and policies on the webpage that should automatically come up when connected.
  • LAN resources available via Wi-Fi: NO
  • To Connect:
  • Click wireless network icon in task tray
  • Click STUDENT-Guest
  • Click Connect
  • After connecting to the STUDENT-GUEST, open an Internet browser to accept the terms and conditions before connecting to the Internet.
  • SSID is broadcast: Yes

Faculty / Staff

  • SSID (Faculty / Staff ONLY) – MSTC-WIFI
  • Authentication Method: Network username/password
  • Data Encryption Method: WPA2
  • Encryption Pass Key: N/A
  • LAN resources available via Wi-Fi: Staff/Faculty access only


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