Office 365 Install

Being a Mid-State student has its privileges, including access to free and discounted software. We encourage you to take full advantage of these offers.

Office 365 Pro (Free)

Office 365

All current Mid-State students and staff receive access to five installable copies of Office 365 Pro for use on a personal PC or Mac for free. Office 365 Pro includes programs such as Outlook, Microsoft Office 2013, and more. (Once you are no longer enrolled in Mid-State classes for longer than 180 days, Office 365 Pro will cease to work and go into a limited functionality mode.)


Download Office Pro Plus for PC (2016) or Mac (2016) from your Office 365 login (8‐ e.g. at:



Note: Due to resource constraints, as well as liability issues with assisting in installing software on non-Mid-State owned devices, please do not contact the help desk for assistance or submit a work ticket for assistance in installing Office 365 Pro software. Thank you for your understanding!

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