Difference Between Edit Mode and Student Preview


Edit Mode:

  1. When Edit Mode is ON all the instructor functions appear. This includes action bar functions such as Build Content or the appearance of contextual menus.
  2. When Edit Mode is OFF, you are viewing the course as a learner sees it. The Edit Mode function appears to users with a constituency of instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, and administrator. The organization may disable this feature.

Yes, in case of some schools instructors have a “Enter Student Preview” option.

Once the agent or the instructor selects this option from inside their course they will be able to view the course exactly like the student. They will not have access to course management tool like Control Panel on the left in this view when they select this option.
If agents can get this option then they can use it and help the caller. If the option is not available, the setting “Edit Mode: Off” will give them the student/ learner’s view. But then they will have access to the Control Panel.

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