Basic Troubleshooting Steps – Monitor / Computer / Mouse-Keyboard & Printer Cannot Print

Basic troubleshooting steps

Monitor won’t turn on

  1. Is the power light on the monitor?
    • If not:
      • Is the power cord pressed in tightly to back of monitor?
      • Is the plug securely into wall or power strip?
      • Is the power strip turned on and plugged in?
  2. Is the video cable plugged into both back of PC and Monitor tightly?

Computer won’t turn on/boot 

  1. Is the power light on?
    • If not:
      • Is the power cord tight in back of the computer?
      • Is the plug securely into the wall or power strip?
      • Is the power strip turned on and plugged in?

Mouse/Keyboard won’t respond

  1. Is the device plugged in tightly to the computer, if wired?
  2. If USB, was a  different USB port tried?
  3. If battery powered, do the batteries need to be replaced?
  4. If wireless, is the receiver in clear view and facing device?
  5. Reboot the computer.

Can’t Print

  1. Was the printer installed in Windows?
  2. Is PaperCut running? (See PaperCut self-help articles.)
  3. Turn the printer off for 10 seconds and turn it back on.


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